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We asked 100 parents who have used VeeLoop to tell us how kids shopping online works in their household. Here's what they told us.

Who does the shopping?

3/4 of parents said their child usually chooses their own items like clothes and bags, so the decision-making power lies with the kids.
But although they like to choose, 72% of parents won’t let their kids shop online alone, rising to 80% when child is under 13. Only 16% of them would let kids pay online with their own payment card – falling to 10% for under 13s.
This leaves a conflict between kids who want to choose and shop online independently and parents who won’t trust them to – especially when they are younger. Parents have concerns about safety when it comes to kids shopping online. Kids end up chasing parents to pay for their baskets or sending screenshots that parents must search for. That’s where VeeLoop comes in.

Did VeeLoop help?

2/3 of parents said what they liked most about VeeLoop was that their child enjoyed choosing independently and 96% said it was easy for the child to place the order. 67% of orders placed through VeeLoop were by kids under 13 so even the younger users found the service easy. One parent commented that it gave their child aged 11 “a sense of independence" and 37% highlighted the fact that they didn't have to search for the item – saving them time and hassle.

What’s next?

As we continue to expand our retailer base, we asked what shops they would find useful to use VeeLoop on. Nearly ¼ of parents named JD Sports as a retailer they wanted to see on VeeLoop, next most popular were New Look, Next and River Island.
One parent commented: “I’d like to see VeeLoop on shoe shops – that would make life easier!” 1/3 said they wanted to see VeeLoop on all shops that sell clothes for kids and teens.

VeeLoop is currently live on 9 retailers, the latest to join us are: Try VeeLoop today and let us know what you think!

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