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Love glitter makeup? Looking for original, eco-friendly and cruelty-free sparkles? Look no further than Prima Makeup – and you (or your teen) can now check out with VeeLoop!

Who are Prima Makeup?

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Emma Southorn, Prima Makeup create some of the most innovative cosmetics on the market today. Based in the UK, they ship to over 19 countries and supplying high street partners like River Island. Their products are all about colour, sparkle and the latest trends, without compromising on ethics. Prima Makeup is  proud to be a PETA registered cruelty free company with vegan friendly products. They are also considerate of their environmental impact with their biodegradable glitter.

Why did Prima Makeup choose VeeLoop?

Prima Makeup recognised that many young people who want to buy their products online are limited by a lack of payment card or needing to ask a parent to make the purchase. So they teamed up with VeeLoop, to offer a family-friendly payment option for young shoppers. CEO Emma explains “Veeloop is fab as it gives our younger audience a more flexible option when purchasing their favourite sparkly goodies and also provides parents a great gift purchasing tool. It was so easy to install and we are excited to see where this partnership goes in the future!”

How does it work?

Try it now at You or your teen just fill up a basket and at the checkout, select ‘Pay with VeeLoop’ to send the basket to a parent. The parent can then check the basket and pay. Happy parent and happy child! Checkout with VeeLoop on Prima Makeup

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